Warning! Your Hard Drive Safety Will Be Deleted... To Speak With An Agent?!?!

Warning! Your Hard Drive Safety Will Be Deleted... To Speak With An Agent?!?!

Computer Repair Required

I was just getting going on my Monday morning. Kissed my wife and baby goodbye, went to work, poured the coffee and got busy with all the projects. I started by running full computer diagnostics which all passed. YEA!

Then I powered on the system...

Crazy Computer Virus

The Virus has taken over the whole computer, exclaiming this scary message:


"The data on the computer is at risk and will be deleted in 5 minutes. To speak to an agent call the number on the screen.  DO NOT CLOSE THIS PAGE"

IT Solution Time! 

I am going to fix this laptop by giving it our Tuneup which will kill off any viruses or malware that has infected this system. I will complete the Tuneup by updating the system and optimizing it for optimal performance! Because the client is on our CarePlan they will not be charged our Tuneup - our CarePlan includes 100% discount on all labour fees! They get full daily computer backup - if the virus had followed through with it's threat of deleting data, we could still restore photos, documents and all important information on our client's laptop.


Computer Tips: Preventing a Virus

Losing your documents and photos is an awful experience, especially when it is from a malicious attack. What can you do to help mitigate the risk?

1 - Have a robust Anti Virus installed on your system.

2 - Run a backup of your system every single day.

3 - Know who you can call for advice when you run into problems or aren't sure whether something looks fishy - a tech-savvy friend or relative is usually happy to come to the rescue! Or give us a ring here at Priority1!


Whole new twist now

Whole new twist now

A new ransomware variant has been discovered using an innovative system to increase infections: the software turns victims into attackers by offering a pyramid scheme-style discount.

Any user who finds themselves infected with the Popcorn Time malware (named after, but unrelated to, the bittorrent client) is offered the ability to unlock their files for a cash payment, usually one bitcoin ($772.67/£613.20).

But they also have a second option, described by the developers as “the nasty way”: passing on a link to the malware. “If two or more people install this file and pay, we will decrypt your files for free”.

The affiliate marketing scheme was discovered by security researchers MalwareHunterTeam. For now, it’s only in development, but if the software gets a full release, its innovative distribution method could lead to it rapidly becoming one of the more widespread variants of this type of malware.

Like most ransomware, Popcorn Time, encrypts the key files on the hard drive of infected users, and promises the decryption key only to those users who pay up (or infect others). But the code also indicates a second twist: the ransomware may delete the encryption key entirely if the wrong code is entered four times. The in-development software doesn’t actually contain the code to delete the files, but it contains references to where that code would be added.

WHAT DO I DO? - backup, backup, backup!

We have a service that will backup your computer so that if something like this happens we can easily restore all your data. It is called CarePlan and it gives you computer protection, tech support, computer backup, and full computer repair. Call our store and ask about it for more details.